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Interior Design

  • Developing of the interior design Project concepts, layout solutions of the furniture arrangement.
  • Creating a truly photorealistic rendering.
  • Preparation of engineering specifications for construction and installation works as well as for finishing works.
  • Full and complete specification for materials used in the project, furniture, plumbing equipment, lighting elements.

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Design Supervision

  • Control of all construction and finishing works for compliance with architectural and stylistic solutions.
  • Visiting of object,┬átracking the timing of each stage of work.

Home Remodeling & Renovation

  • Construction and finishing works by a team of specialists in accordance with the design project.
  • Estimation of materials and labors, competent organization of the work process, in due time.

Construction Quality Inspection

  • Analysis of the state of the premises after the developer or seller, according to the rules.
  • Assessment of the quality of construction and installation works, the convenience of the existing layout, checking for defects and damages in engineering services.